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HPS Performance Aluminum Oil Catch Can Kit Honda 2017-2021 Civic Type R 2.0L Turbo, 860-002

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This item cannot be shipped to the state of California, New York and Maine. Unavailable for pickup.

Product Highlights
- Protects engine from power-robbing oil blow-by.
- Keeps your intake valves clean.
- Includes all necessary parts and hardware a hassle-free bolt-on installation.
- Anodized aluminum dipstick to monitor fill level.
- Easy maintenance using a 14mm wrench or socket.
- Maximum capacity 5 fluid ounces.
- Bespoke bolt-in powder coated mounting bracket.

Features and Benefits
If maximizing the performance of your sports hatch is what you're after, the HPS Performance Oil Catch Can Kit is the a must-have. This oil catch can kit filters out oil and water vapors that normally enters through the PCV system, effectively raising the octane content in the combustion chamber. This kit also reduces carbon build-up on the intake valves which is an inherent issue found on direct injected engines.

Machined from billet aluminum, the HPS oil catch cans features built-in diverters and baffles to trap and separate the harmful contaminants. The screw-on cup is a solid one piece design with a completely sealed base which eliminates any leaks that are common on other catch cans on the market. The bottom of the cup features a 14mm hex that fits a wrench or socket when it comes time for service. The screw-on dipstick lets you easily monitor the fill level without disassembling the catch can. With a 5oz capacity, this catch can provides plenty of room to capture blow by and lengthens the time between maintenance intervals.

This HPS Performance Oil Catch Can Kit includes a custom designed and powder coated steel bracket that mounts to the firewall using existing factory mounting points, allowing ample room for serviceability and includes pre-assembled hoses and -6 AN fittings for a premium experience and hassle-free bolt-on installation.

Vehicle Application
2021 Honda Civic 2.0L Turbo (Type R, Type R Limited Edition)
2020 Honda Civic 2.0L Turbo (Type R)
2019 Honda Civic 2.0L Turbo (Type R)
2018 Honda Civic 2.0L Turbo (Type R)
2017 Honda Civic 2.0L Turbo (Type R)
REMARK: This oil catch can only fit LEFT HAND DRIVE

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