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Functionality of the HPS 8AR-FTS Engine Turbo Resonator 17-131

February 10, 2022 2 min read

Many might wonder if an HPS Performance Turbo Resonator is right for them. Although its purpose is to unearth a more genuine sound from the turbo, induction noise isn’t actually as noticeable unless paired with a performance air intake system such as our 827-633 kit. So what does it actually do?


Our team first analyzed the original part for deficits in air flow characteristics. Our R&D engineers wanted a product that improved air flow coming out of the turbocharger without compromising the luxury and comfort that Lexus vehicles are known for. Using CAD and 3D scanning technology, we were able to design a product that was easy to install, but also required no additional modifications to support it. Although 6061 billet aluminum is stronger than plastic, we chose to stick with a 10mm thick plate for our flange for a number of reasons. For one, this gives plenty of material for the three M6 bolts to grab onto. It also gave us enough material to cut a groove identical to the OEM part so that we could utilize the factory O-ring.



Notice the chambers located on the stock turbo resonator


The first and most noticeable benefit is purely aesthetic. Our HPS Turbo Resonator cleans up your engine bay by replacing the unsightly plastic bulge that sits directly over the turbocharger. While that’s enough for some, we at HPS focus heavily on functionality. Our team worked tirelessly designing countless prototypes but found no improvements during our in-house dynamometer testing. Realizing that the dyno is not a real representation of actual driving conditions, we took to on-road testing and the benefits finally became evident. Off the bat, we noticed faster acceleration and better throttle response. Turbo lag was drastically reduced. Although dyno numbers didn’t do any justice, the real-world testing proves this product is a win.


The HPS Performance Turbo Resonator is designed to work with the stock charge pipe, the HPS aluminum charge pipe (kit 17-122), or with many other kits currently on the market. This simple upgrade is exactly what you need if you are looking for greater performance without being too noticeable while out on the road. We put over 5000 miles of testing on this product with zero CEL’s or drivability issues. Installation takes about 20 minutes to complete with simple hand tools and the guidance of our easy-to-follow instructions. Also available is a full video installation guide.

Fits Vehicles:
2015-2017 Lexus NX200t
2018-2021 Lexus NX300
2016-2017 Lexus GS200t
2018-2019 Lexus GS300
2016-2017 Lexus IS200t
2018-2022 Lexus IS300
2016-2017 Lexus RC200t
2018-2022 Lexus RC300



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