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HPS Performance 304 Stainless Steel Ear Hose Clamps

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Product Highlights
- Band constructed from 304 stainless steel. Withstands the rigors of continuous use, providing long-lasting performance and reliability.
- Provides secure, uniform clamping force. Ensures a reliable seal around hoses.
- Resistant to vibration, temperature fluctuations, and mechanical stress. Guarantees long-lasting durability and leak-free operation.
- Practical alternative to traditional screw-type hose clamps. Ideal for applications where space is limited.
- Best for permanent applications.

Features and Benefits
HPS Performance Ear Clamps are specialized for securing hoses onto fittings in various applications, ranging from automotive to industrial settings. Their robust construction and secure fastening mechanism provide reliable performance in demanding environments. These clamps feature a narrow 304 stainless steel band with ears designed to be crimped using a special crimping tool. This ensures consistent, repeatable installation, especially in manufacturing settings. HPS Ear Hose Clamps feature a tongue-and-groove design to provide secure and uniform clamping force around hoses, ensuring a reliable seal. Ear clamps are a versatile and reliable option for securing hoses, providing efficient sealing and peace of mind against leaks and system failures.

Technical Specification
- Band Material: 304 Stainless Steel
- Band Width: 5mm or 7mm
- Band Thickness: 0.5mm or 0.6mm

Size Chart

Part Number Effective Diameter Range Band Width Band Thickness
EC-0065 5.3mm - 6.5mm 5mm 0.5mm
EC-0070 5.8mm - 7mm 5mm 0.5mm
EC-0087 7mm - 8.7mm 5mm 0.5mm
EC-0090 7.3mm - 9mm 5mm 0.5mm
EC-0095 7.8mm - 9.5mm 5mm 0.5mm
EC-0105 8.8mm - 10.5mm 5mm 0.5mm
EC-0113 9.6mm - 11.3mm 5mm 0.5mm
EC-0118 10.1mm - 11.8mm 5mm 0.5mm
EC-0119 9.4mm - 11.9mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0123 9.8mm - 12.3mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0138 11.3mm - 13.8mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0145 12mm - 14.5mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0148 12.3mm - 14.8mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0153 12.8mm - 15.3mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0157 13.2mm - 15.7mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0166 14.1mm - 16.6mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0170 14.5mm - 17mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0178 14.7mm - 17.8mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0180 14.8mm - 18mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0185 15.3mm - 18.5mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0198 16.6mm - 19.8mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0210 17.8mm - 21mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0226 19.4mm - 22.6mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0235 20.3mm - 23.5mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0241 20.9mm - 24.1mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0256 22.4mm - 25.6mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0265 23.3mm - 26.5mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0271 23.9mm - 27.1mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0286 25.4mm - 28.6mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0316 28.4mm - 31.6mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0320 28.8mm - 32mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0331 29.9mm - 33.1mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0350 31.8mm - 35mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0361 32.9mm - 36.1mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0376 34.4mm - 37.6mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0381 34.9mm - 38.1mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0395 36.3mm - 39.5mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0410 37.8mm - 41mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0425 39.3mm - 42.5mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0440 40.8mm - 44mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0450 41.8mm - 45mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0470 43.8mm - 47mm 7mm 0.6mm
EC-0485 45.3mm - 48.5mm 7mm 0.6mm
Part Number Effective Diameter Range
EC-0065 5.3mm - 6.5mm
EC-0070 5.8mm - 7mm
EC-0087 7mm - 8.7mm
EC-0090 7.3mm - 9mm
EC-0095 7.8mm - 9.5mm
EC-0105 8.8mm - 10.5mm
EC-0113 9.6mm - 11.3mm
EC-0118 10.1mm - 11.8mm
EC-0119 9.4mm - 11.9mm
EC-0123 9.8mm - 12.3mm
EC-0138 11.3mm - 13.8mm
EC-0145 12mm - 14.5mm
EC-0148 12.3mm - 14.8mm
EC-0153 12.8mm - 15.3mm
EC-0157 13.2mm - 15.7mm
EC-0166 14.1mm - 16.6mm
EC-0170 14.5mm - 17mm
EC-0178 14.7mm - 17.8mm
EC-0180 14.8mm - 18mm
EC-0185 15.3mm - 18.5mm
EC-0198 16.6mm - 19.8mm
EC-0210 17.8mm - 21mm
EC-0226 19.4mm - 22.6mm
EC-0235 20.3mm - 23.5mm
EC-0241 20.9mm - 24.1mm
EC-0256 22.4mm - 25.6mm
EC-0265 23.3mm - 26.5mm
EC-0271 23.9mm - 27.1mm
EC-0286 25.4mm - 28.6mm
EC-0316 28.4mm - 31.6mm
EC-0320 28.8mm - 32mm
EC-0331 29.9mm - 33.1mm
EC-0350 31.8mm - 35mm
EC-0361 32.9mm - 36.1mm
EC-0376 34.4mm - 37.6mm
EC-0381 34.9mm - 38.1mm
EC-0395 36.3mm - 39.5mm
EC-0410 37.8mm - 41mm
EC-0425 39.3mm - 42.5mm
EC-0440 40.8mm - 44mm
EC-0450 41.8mm - 45mm
EC-0470 43.8mm - 47mm
EC-0485 45.3mm - 48.5mm
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