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HPS Silicone Breather + BPV Hose Kit Volkswagen 2003-2006 Golf MK4 1.8T Turbo Late AWP Engine, 57-1934

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HPS high temperature silicone breather and bypass valve (BPV) hose kit (part number: 57-1934) replaces 2003-2006 Volkswagen Golf MK4 1.8T Turbo with Late AWP Engine stock OEM rubber breather hoses with high-heat resistance material which meets or exceeds OE specifications (Maximum temperature rating: 350F)

Unlike other breather hose kits on the market, 57-1934 features a specially developed fluoroelastomer layer that is able to withstand prolonged exposure to oil and fuel. HPS oil-resistant fluoroelastomer lined silicone hoses can provide superior resistance to the harshness of gasoline and automotive oils. The fluoroelastomer acts as a protective layer where the fluid flowing through the hose would typically degrade silicone hoses. With the fluoroelastomer liner, we can minimize permeation, evaporation, and degradation of our silicone hose.

HPS fluoroelastomer lined hose has excellent resistance to high temperatures, ozone, oxygen, mineral oil, synthetic hydraulic fluids, fuels, aromatics, and many organic solvents and chemicals. Fluoroelastomer can handle the occasional flow of ethanol based fuels.

Key Features
- Ideal replacement or upgrade for OEM or aftermarket parts
Breather Hose, Valve Cover (OEM part# 06A10321AN)
Boost Pressure Control Line (OEM part# 06A145712C)
- The premium grade high-heat resistance 3-ply reinforced silicone hoses are made with correct bends and curves to ensure a perfect fitment.
- Includes 100% stainless steel non-perforated embossed hose clamps for easy installation, which do not cut through the silicone hoses.
- Race proven design with long lasting quality and engineered for extremely high temperature service and prolonged exposure to under-hood heat
- Maximum temperature rating: 350F.

Why should you upgrade your rubber breather hoses to silicone?
Factory rubber hoses will harden and crack over time, causing idling problems, poor drivability, bad fuel economy, or even a CEL. Silicone hoses have a longer life span, can operate at a high temperature, and still maintain its flexibility over time.

Vehicle Application
2006 Volkswagen Golf MK4 1.8T Turbo Late AWP
2005 Volkswagen Golf MK4 1.8T Turbo Late AWP
2004 Volkswagen Golf MK4 1.8T Turbo Late AWP
2003 Volkswagen Golf MK4 1.8T Turbo Late AWP

Product Information
- Product Type: Silicone Breather Hose Kit
- Material: High Temperature Reinforced Silicone
- Available Colors: Black, Blue and Red
- Warranty: 2 Years
- Weight: 4 lb
- Shipping Box Dimension: 16 inch x 10 inch x 6 inch

Included in the kit
- HPS Performance Silicone Hoses with oil-resistant fluoroelastomer liner (2 pcs)
- HPS Performance 100% stainless steel non-perforated embossed hose clamps (5 pcs)

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