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HPS Ditch Light Brackets for Off-Roading in Your Toyota 4Runner and Tacoma DTC-100 DTC-101

March 09, 2022 3 min read

Day turns to night right before your eyes when you’re out against the elements and having fun. However, when daylight ends, the drive can be especially dangerous if you’re off road. Your headlights can only do so much to help you navigate narrow paths, sharp corners, washouts and avoid lingering animals so most people opt to install auxiliary lights as a way to better their ride through varying terrain. 

HPS Toyota 4Runner Ditch Light Brackets with LED light pods

HPS Toyota Tacoma Ditch Light Brackets with LED light pods

Light Bars and Ditch Lights
Those who need the extra sources of light often decide to install an LED light bar and LED ditch lights. What’s the difference? Light bars sit facing straight forward and aid in the overall brightness in a single direction by up to twice the distance. However, when mounted on the roof, hood glare becomes a factor in actually reducing visibility for the driver. Ditch lights support a wider field of vision that helps span from the driver side fender to the passenger side fender. This gives the driver the advantage of spotting obstacles that may appear from a different direction. Another advantage is the angle at which the lights cut through the dust and fog. Because they sit lower than traditional roof mounted light bars, lightwaves are able to travel through more of the haze from eye level. For those who are dedicated to the adventurous lifestyle, placing both types on their vehicles is a common practice.

How We Decided on Ditch Light Brackets
With the acquisition of new off road vehicles and a budding division dedicated to the 4x4 lifestyle, we began searching for ways to contribute something simple yet valuable to the four wheeling community. Having developed many performance products for the Toyota 4Runner and Tacoma within the engine bay, we found ourselves needing to think outside of it. Then it hit us. We looked up from the engine bay and realized that hood mounted ditch light brackets would be the perfect parts to develop as our first project.

How We Developed the Brackets
Using our new Creaform Go!SCAN 3D handheld scanner, we quickly mapped out part of the hood and general areas of application on our Toyota 4Runner and Toyota Tacoma before rendering the brackets on Solidworks. Then using our CNC plasma table, we created our prototypes. Both designs were made so that the light pods sit safely out of harm’s way and minimize obstruction of the driver’s view through the windshield. We also integrated slotted holes to allow for adjustments and better fitment. The replacement bolts in these kits are made to Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and come longer than the original bolts to account for the thickness of the brackets. Attached to the hood mount, they are cut from 3/16” steel and powder coated black for a rugged look and added durability.


Toyota 4Runner Ditch Light Brackets (DTC-100)
Toyota Tacoma Ditch Light Brackets (DTC-101)


Save Yourself the Trouble
Conquering the unbeaten path requires foresight and reflex to make it to your destination unscathed. Our ditch light brackets will allow you to better see your peripherals in the dark no matter which brand of lights you decide to install. Avoid sudden drop-offs, blind turns, animal crossings or missing important signage. Light up the path wherever you go and never take another blind turn again.

The HPS Ditch Light Brackets are rated 1/5 in installation difficulty and can be installed in approximately 20 minutes with basic mechanical skill. We also have a full installation video linked at the end of this article to guide you through our easy step-by-step process.

Fits the following Vehicles:
2010-2022 Toyota 4Runner
2016-2022 Toyota Tacoma



To order DTC-100 for the Toyota 4Runner, click here.

To order DTC-101 for the Toyota Tacoma, click here.

To view our installation video for the 4Runner, click here.

To view our installation video for the Tacoma, click here.


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