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The 2nd Gen Lexus GS300 Continues to Shine on with Upcoming Intake Kit, 827-705

June 03, 2022 2 min read

Drifting and Japanese car culture brought forward some head turning cars that have influenced the way enthusiasts modify their cars. The 2nd generation Lexus GS300 that gave the automotive world a roomy luxury executive car and boasted comfort and looks with the potential to pack some power and burn some serious rubber. One of the most iconic renditions of this car is that of Japanese Super GT and D1 Grand Prix driver Nobuteru Taniguchi with his vibrant red GS, known in Japan as the Toyota Aristo. As it was one of the few big body sedans in the D1 series, it grabbed attention from fans and contributed to the wave of customization. One of the most popular styles for the GS is the “VIP” look, with aggressive stance, extremely low ride height, and wide high-end wheels featuring a large, polished dish.

Head Turner
With the ability to uniquely differentiate yours from any other on the road, just about anything goes with the wide range of aftermarket parts available for the 2nd gen Lexus GS300 today. Body kits, wheels, spoilers complement the exterior of the vehicle while under the hood, special intakes and engine covers
are some of the few engine bay components that can be color coordinated for an immaculate look. As for the cabin, the capacity for components such as customized seats, steering wheels, and trim add an infinite number of variations to make your ride truly stand apart from the others.

Complement Your Build
If you’re looking for a visual upgrade that also offers performance gains, we’ve got an air intake kit for the 2JZ-GE powered 1998-2000 Lexus GS300 in the works. This intake system replaces the restrictive stock air box and unsightly rubber resonated intake tube to optimize airflow to the engine. Hear and feel the unmistakable sound of your inline-6 like never before when you accelerate with the additional +11 horsepower and +14.4 lb-ft. of torque. The washable conical air filter and black powder coated steel heat shield fits right into the engine bay for a performance inspired look. Whether you’re going for an eye-catching or a subtle approach, you’ll be able to choose between polish, black, red, or blue to complement your build.

Other Lexus GS300 Products
HPS also offers a performance enhancing air intake kit for the 2001-2005 GS300 models along with a reinforced silicone radiator and heater hose kit that fits the 1998-2005 models. For those who run an Aristo 2JZ-GTE VVT-i swap in their ‘98-’05 GS300, we also have a silicone hose kit that upgrades the radiator, heater, and throttle body hoses to eliminate potential coolant leaks and withstand prolonged exposure to high engine temperatures. These silicone kits are available in three simple yet bold colors – black, red, and blue.


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