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HPS Performance Air Filter Cleaning Kit

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Keep your HPS Performance Air Filter in perfect condition with our specially formulated Recharge Oil (2 oz.) and Cleaner Spray (4 oz.). Our Red Dye Recharge Oil is safe for all vehicle sensors and ensure that your HPS Performance Air Filter can trap the smallest dirt particles before they reach your engine.

Keep your vehicle running strong and efficiently with a clean air filter!
The HPS Performance Air Filter Cleaning Kit is designed to revive your HPS Performance oiled cotton air filter. This easy two-part service kit helps regain maximum airflow and filtration capabilities of a new filter. The 4 oz. cleaning solution helps lift and wash away fine dirt particles from the cotton media. The 2 oz. specially formulated oil traps fine particles, keeping the inside of your engine free from debris. The red dye aids in even oil application and is safe to use on vehicles with sensitive electronic sensors. Just 1 spray per 2 square inches is enough to coat the filtering surface. Under normal driving and environmental conditions, air filters should be cleaned every 30,000 miles. Dirty and dusty conditions will require more frequent cleaning. Restore performance potential with this kit and recondition your HPS air filter to lengthen its service life.

Key Features
- Two-part cleaning and re-oiling kit to give your HPS cotton air filter a complete refresh.
- Regain optimal airflow and engine performance.
- Cleaning solution helps lift and wash away dirt build-up and dirt particles.
- Specially formulated sensor-safe recharge oil features red dye to ensure even application onto the filtering surface.
- 4 oz. of cleaner and 2 oz. of oil comes in convenient spray bottles for easy application.

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